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High-Speed Cameras fra AOS Technologies AG.

AOS Technologies is a leading manufacturer of top quality, high-speed cameras and high-speed imaging systems.

Our high-speed cameras and video systems are used worldwide in demanding environments where precise, accurate high-speed recordings are a must. High-speed cameras can record the details of impacts and provide in-depth visual insights into events that happen during accidents. Whether industrial, automotive or defense and space applications, AOS high-speed cameras are providing insights into the fast mechanical events in a broad range of applications.

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The PROMON U750 and U1000 series are very competitive entry level high speed camera systems recording directly to PC via USB3.

PROMON U cameras connect directly to PC via USB3 without need for additional cabling. The camera comes with the powerful Imaging Studio V4 software for piloting the camera, recording, playback and export of sequences. Via the software the user can set the system to record into PC DRAM for seconds or setup a video stream directly to hard disk for minutes or even hours. Depending on the model PROMON U cameras offer stunning data rates of e.g. PROMON U1000 1900 x1200 up to 150 frames/sec, 1920 x1080 up to 167 frames/sec when reducing the resolution. The software allows parameterization of different operation modes ranging from taking a quick shot of a single event, capturing intermittent events to a complete 24/7 recording. Do not miss an event anymore!


PROMON U750 high speed camera from AOS Technologies AG on Vimeo.


  AOS Promon Scope G2   

Vi ønsker å sette fokus på produkter innen industrielle applikasjoner og presentere her et kamerasystem som er rettet opp mot dette segmentet med sine egenskaper. Promon Scope G2 er et portabelt streaming kamerasystem som kan leveres med forskjellige kamera etter behov : monocrom, color eller NIR (near infrared).

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Key features

  • Ideal for temporary industrial troubleshooting, setup and fine tuning applications
  • Long battery live
  • Compact, light and robust, ready to use high speed image streaming system
  • Touchscreen operation, similar to a Tablet PC
  • Typical recording capacity is 40 minutes, optional 80 minutes
  • PROMON SCOPE is available with monochrom, color or NIR (near infrared) camera

Accessories and options

  • High capacity hard disk (80 mins of recording)
  • Spare Battery
  • Extended Battery Pack (for 3h battery time)
  • Dockingstation
  • Solid transport case
  • Accessory kit with LED illumination, magic arms
  • Motion analysis software with automatic tracking features


  • 40 minutes recording capacity
  • 80fps at 2048x1088 pixels
  • 200fps at 1024x 800 pixels
  • 560fps at 640 x 480 pixels
  • Max frame rate of 3000fps
  • Changeable battery pack
  • Touchscreen
  • Event Markers and Motion Detection
  • 2 A/D converter inputs



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