Serof AS er markedsledende i Norge innen kompetanse og salg av High-Speed Camera.


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Photron Fastcam Mini AX - Serie

Dette er vårt mest populære kamera og vi har et Fastcam Mini AX200-32GB som Demo-kamera og tilgjengelig for ulteie


The FASTCAM Mini AX is Photron’s highest performance model within the FASTCAM Mini series of
high-speed cameras. The Mini AX delivers exceptional light sensitivity, excellent image quality and flexible
region of interest (ROI) features for customers who do not require the ultimate frame rate performance of
the FASTCAM SA-X2 and SA-Z, but would benefit from the same high-end camera image sensor features.

Three performance level models - Mini AX50, AX100 and AX200 - deliver 1-megapixel image resolution
(1024 x 1024 pixels) at frame rates up to 2,000fps, 4,000fps and 6,400fps respectively. All three Mini AX
models offer a minimum exposure duration of 1µs as standard with recording memory options up to 32GB
providing extended recording times and triggering flexibility.


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