Serof AS er markedsledende i Norge innen kompetanse og salg av High-Speed Camera.

Serof AS er forhandler for produkter fra Meggitt Wilcoxon Research   


Accelerometers sense vibration commonly found in most industrial machinery. Maintenance professionals use accelerometers for predictive maintenance to lower overall cost and increase machinery performance. Meggitt has an extensive selection of Wilcoxon Research® sensors to monitor a variety of machinery including: motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes, blowers, machine tool spindles, compressors, chillers, rollers, and mixers.

Read more about accelerometers on Wilcoxon web.


Underwater accelerometers

Wilcoxon Research underwater accelerometers are designed to be used virtually anywhere under continuous submersion. They are built to withstand the high pressures of deep submergence. Titanium cases are useful when it is desired to have the accelerometer be highly resistant to galvanic corrosion or mounted on titanium structures. Stainless steel can be used for applications where the accelerometer will be mounted on cast iron or mild steel structures since they are near one another on the galvanic series list.

The ability to retain a hermetic seal while submerged is paramount for underwater accelerometers. All Wilcoxon Research underwater accelerometers are designed for continuous exposure to 650 PSI of water pressure. Helium leak testing is used to verify the hermeticity of the welding for accelerometers.

 Read more about underwater accelerometers on Wilcoxon web.


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