Serof AS er markedsledende i Norge innen kompetanse og salg av High-Speed Camera.

Serof AS tilbyr nå utstyr og progravarer for: PIV, LIF, Combustion LIF, Rayleigth Thermometry and spray visualization equipment as well as laser-based intregated optical diagnostics systems.

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LaVision's product range comprises modular laser imaging systems based on spectroscopic techniques for multi-parameter and multi-dimensional measurements in combustion, sprays and flow:

  • FlowMaster for flow field analysis based on Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
  • FlameMaster and EngineMaster for combustion analysis
  • SprayMaster for advanced spray visualization
  • ParticleMaster for particle sizing
  • StrainMaster imaging systems for remote and precise surface deformation and strain inspection
  • advanced camera systems for high speed applications
  • ICOS fiber optical sensor systems


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